Thursday, December 6, 2012

"More Smiles to Children of the South" by MCOT

Amidst Violence in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand, many schools have to closed down temporarily and permanently, which widely effect likelihood of children in the south especially when during the school term.

First established in 1981, The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center or SBPAC become a juristic entity, following the enforcement of the Southern Border Provinces Administration Act on 30 December 2010, which covers all districts in the five southern border provinces, namely Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Songkhla, and Satun.

Since January 2004, More than 5000 lives have loss to the violence in the past 8 years, 155 of which was teachers. The insurgency attacks believe to be operated by several groups identified as separatists. Thai governments have put in various measures to try to alleviate the problems while private sectors hand in helps where they can.

369 schools, in narathiwat province alone, have been closed down temporarily this month due to violence incidents against teachers in the south.

MCOT has cooperated with Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center, with supported from PTT, Thai Life Insurance, Toyota Motor Thailand, The Government Lottery Office, Thailand Post, and many more affiliated private co to establish "More Smiles to Children of the South" project, with aims to give back teaching media, sports equipments and living necessities to Children and monks in the Deep South.

If you are interested to make contribution to "More Smiles to Children of the South" project, you can donate through Krunthai bank account no. 015-029999-0, Asoke branch, account name “เติมยิ้มให้น้องชายแดนใต้”, until December 19th. MCOT and affilications will go down to Narathiwat on December 21st to hand out the aids.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Beginning of Red-Shirts

After the landslide victory of Pheu Thai party, led by Yingluck Shinnawat that look to be the first female prime minister of Thailand. Even before the cabinet formed, before all the MPs’ status endorsed by Election Commission, the public is starting to see the rift among Red-shirts sub-fractions. This morning (July 8th), @can_nw tweeted the story of the beginning of red-shirts….. this will make you see a clear picture of the fraction within the red-shirts core leaders.

Red-shirts started from Thaksin's supporters, “Kon Rak Thaksin” (which is mean ‘Thaksin lover’… sound a bit too kinky, isn’t it?) formed by Shinnawat HaBoonPaat and Mochit cabby group in early 2006.

At the time, Shinnawat was operating Taxi community radio to encounter the gathering of anti-Thaksin group, People Alliance for Democracy (PAD). Then Shinnawat, babysitted by Shupong Teetuan, presented "Democracy doctrine" through the rally at Jatujak park. While Shinnawat was leading rally to fight PAD, Weng Tojirakarn was on PAD's stage criticizing Thaksin's state enterprises reformation policy.
Shinnawat Haboonpaat

In April 2006, "Poor People Caravan" from the north and the northeast had joined Shinawat's gathering at Jatujak park. The group led by Kumta Kanboonjan, MeaSa-Ing, and Kuanpetch Ponerum. The group, supported by Newin, had allied with "Taxi love Thaksin" group and became “Democracy Protection Federation” (the name of federation might be different, no information of name in English found)

In Mid-2006, Kwanchai Praipana formed Thaksin supporter group called "U-don lover club," which was not under Newin.

After the coup on Sept 19, came many independent anti-dictatorship groups, which also include Weng Tojirakarn and his fellows.
In May 2007, Weng asked Shinnawat group, Kwanchai group and "Rak Thaksin" group to form People Alliance Against Coup D'etat (I said DAAD in my tweet, my apology for the mixed-up). In the same time, Weera, Jatuporn, Jakkrapob and Korkeaw was forming Satellite television called “PTV,” and started its gathering at Sanam Luang royal park (Thung Phra Men). The Media call them ‘PTV mob.’
Weng Tojirakarn on UDD (red-shirts) stage in 2010

While two sides of the politics campaigning on Canstitution 2007, more people has joined PTV and hence become the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD).

DAAD changed their name to be UDD, which stands for United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship, after the general election in 2007 and start exercising the political rally to drive out ‘Elite Proxy’ government in 2009-2010.

From many different ideologies of many fractions, but all groups carry the same goal of UDD. That is why there are so many conflicts right after Pheu Thai party won the election in 2011.

The very first group of people that started the red-shirts at MoChit has all split up on their political paths. Shinnawat though, still stand as Thaksin supporter. Shinnawat was a taxi driver that form Taxi Co-operative and Taxi community radio, he has definitely less ‘Social Capital’ than Weng and Tida Tojirakarn.

Weng and Tida Tojirakarn are the anti-dictatorship front-liners since 1973. They played important roles in Thai Revolution party, which now resigned.

Tida Tawornset (wife of Weng Tojirakarn, currently acting UDD leader)

The different in ideology make Shinnawat not familiar with the concept and the procedure of Tida’s Centralized Democracy. So Shinnawat refuses ‘jungle people,’ but he wants a lawyer like Kanin BunSuwan to replace Tida as UDD leader.
All-n-all, @can_nw doesn’t believes there will be a break-up among red-shirts. During the ‘honeymoon period,’ reds would understand reds the best…. But of course, the future is unpredictable.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behind Newin's analysis on the 2011 General Election

in case you missed the news. Yesterday (May 25) Newin had lunch with political journalists. Something he said become news since yesterday evening. Newin gave out his election situation analysis as a person in the field for such a long time. How credible he is, he was Thaksin's right hand in the general election that People Power party (now PueThai) won the landslide victory.

image from The Nation

Newin said even if PueThai party win the majority seats in parliament, Yingluk won't get to be PM, and if Democrats party doesn't win most seats, Abhisit has to resign, as it has been quite party's tradition so far. On the side note, Nuttawut, PueThai party list MP candidate, said if PueThai win most seat and don't get to be government, red-shirt would take it.

The way Thai Parliament goes, the party that win majority seats get first opportunity to set up the government. then they present policy to parliament, and cast the votes from MPs in the house. There are incident in the past the party that won most seats didn't get to be government. Their policy didn't get enough votes from other party. then second most MPs party got a chance to set up the government.

And to reason why Newin said such a thing, @can_nw has a reason for it. (translated from @can_nw tweets on morning May 26)

"Preliminary situation, PueThai trend is stronger than expected in North, E-san & Bkk. the variation factor will be the 3rd party. Core leader of the variation party have to adjust the strategy, very focus, any former MPs has loose base had to be retracted. Somsak Tepsutin (BhumiJaiThai) only focus at Sukothai. In the middle of storm, have to hold on to even just a rotten pole. Suwat has been planning for a long time to take over Korat (NakornRatchasima), same as Seh.Nun-Pradit hold on to Pijit. So politics expert like Newin has to slow down 'female PM' trend with some colors, otherwise BhumijaiThai will be too quiet. 
Yinhluk campaigning (image from

But as former Shinnawatr-family's close aide, How couldn't Newin know tht real acting female PM is 'the lady' (KunYing), not Yingluk. If Newin just glance around PueThai's party-list no.1, he'd recognize the old same security guard sent straight from KunYing. There's no word like 'give up' in Newin's dictionary, his symptom yesterday look like surrender but not giving up."

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thaksin vs Newin, PueThai vs BhumiJaiThai, the politics of electionists

Once again, @can_nw has tweeted the short history in some little part of thai politics, but it has meaning and its own agenda in this coming General Election on July 3rd, 2011. I translated his series of tweets and has put together on here. Enjoy!

Dusit Poll result of E-san (Northeast) party list is very interesting, 55.21% vote for PueThai party, 19.74% for Democrats party and 12.96% for BhumiJaiThai party. Democrats is break-even, but the raise of BhumiJaithai voiced votes to 12.96% in E-san has significant meaning to MPs constituency election.

If PueThai wants seats more than half of the parliament, the party has to win all MP seats in E-san, just like they did in 2005 (People Power party then). Thaksin probably is well aware of the situation in E-san, that's why many UDD core leaders from e-san are all listed in party-list safe zone, to gain more popularity.

In 2007 general election, the Anti-Thaksin group supported 'PuePanDin' to intercept People Power party (PueThai now), But Pracha Promnork (PPD party leader) failed to reach the goal, it was the total loss. Newin head PeoplePower party e-san team in 2007 election, trend of Thaksin was so strong, lots of 'electricity poles' just got elected to be MPs.

The BhumiJaiThai Defeated in SakolNakorn and MahaSarakem's bi-election recently, make Newin push the Constitution amendment to smaller the constituency size. The strategy to fight in smaller constituencies was tested in Surin and NakornRatchasima's bi-election, and BhumiJaiThai had won.

The interesting part is Newin has been focusing on MP candidates from provincial and Municipal administrative organization to run in '1 constituency- 1 number' for BhumiJaiThai party. But keep an eye on how Yingluck campaign, trend of 'ungrateful party' might make Newin's small constituency strategy got interrupted.

However, E-san field will determine whether PueThai would get more than half of the house & whether Newin to get under 10 MPs. In the 2011 General election, the Anti-Thaksin group probably will put their hope in Newin, just like when they put their hope in PuePanDin party in year 2007.

So, here it is... the elctionists... the work the hardest during the election campaign. This shows their capability in strategic management. I am wondering, how hard these people really worth for the people cried for them, fought for them and elected them.
image from

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Yingluk for Pue Thai party

This quote is translation of series of tweets in Thai language from @can_nw, editor of the Nation Weekend edition.

"last fews yrs, Yingluk isn't just a lill sis to Thaksin, she's been a real-estate person and work with the public through Thaicom foundation. This last 2 years, people in provinces see her more often in sporting event as big sponsor of 'Thaicom FA cup,' knock-out football league of Thailand. Beside the public sport events, education is also main activity of Thaicom foundation, with Songsak Premsuk working along side.

Songsak Premsuk is a childhood friend from SuanKularb school, founded 'Mathbox company' that did advertisement for Thaksin since 1991. Then Thaksin jointly own, changed the company's name to 'SC Mathbox,' the company was behind marketing of Thaksin election campaign in 1997.

in year 2001, SC Mathbox made the advertisement campaign for Thai-rak-Thai party, the one came with populism campaign that received votes beyond expectation. Songsak was managing ITV for Thaksin for a while, now he is overseeing 'Voice TV' for Oak (Thaksin's son), and helps out at Thaicom foundation.

Yingluk's image with PueThai leaders during 'compromising' time, believed to came from SC Mathbox's idea that Thaksin trust. Thaksin pick Yingluk to be the country's leader that will lead Thailand to unite, because she can talk to any power group.

In present front-liners group, Yingluk is very close to Gen. Anupong Paojinda, from the time when Samak Suntoravet was Defence minister. If you could remember when Thaksin was back in Thailand, he went to funeral of Gen. Anupong's mother, Yingluk was the co-ordinator.

Selecting Yingluk ,is to solve the problem that 'green color' might be PueThai party's obstacle to form the govt."

So here is a piece of my mind:
if YOU, the old-fashion yellow, hope for the coup to happen if PueThai win (because your 'vote NO' campaign help PueThai to win). RE-THINK, the coup might not happen as you wish!

The real Democracy is learning to leave with what the majority agree. If you don't like it, wait until it's your turn, you come out, you help campaign for ones you think deserve it, then cast your vote.

I know it sound naive,  sound idealistic, but that's how real DEMOCRACY should be.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another counteractive...Only thing Thai authorities could ever do for any problem

Following up on the news about a 17-year-old girl that tried to perform self-abortion with prescription drug, Cytotec she bought on-line. just to remind the news content that the girl had been 8mon pregnant and she was bleeding and almost unconscious when the medic found her.

So, Police found that she transferred money to this woman in Chonburi named Pin Sirisaringharn on for an EMS package of Cytotec. The woman was arrested on Friday evening (2 days after the girl rescued by Medic). The Public Health ministry did a brief press conference on the arrest.

image from Thairath-online, October 15th edition

What a Shame.

That's all the authority can do, patch where it bleed. This incident simply says out high-school students has no knowledge on sex-education. She doesn't realize that 8 months is too late to do the abortion. She and her boyfriend didn't realize how important to have protected intercourse, and certainly the adult doesn't have any channel to help them get tough this unwanted incident anonymously.

One vendor caught, and another thousand to go and another hundred start selling these illegal stuffs everyday. Our population need to be educated and moral need to be planted, somewhere somehow.

This country need a hotline or a clinic that whoever already had unwanted incident happen could just call for some advice. And it could not be just anyone at the end of the line, it should be person with expertise in Child Psychology and Health. this is sensitive issue that needs both prevention measure, counteractive measures and assistant to the needed ones.

Sex-Education for our children, so they know their body, and know what is right and wrong. The research has shown sex-education at young age help curb the number of STDs infection and unwanted pregnancy. We are not drum up to tell them to just have sex but we tell them how to take care of themselves and have them make their own decision. We teach them anything or not, it's going to happen, so we should equip them with knowledge.

Yes I am mumbling  and complaining... I should do something about this.

Information on Cytotec
Cytotec is for reducing stomach acid production and protects the stomach lining also help prevent stomach ulcers.thai doctor prescribe Cytotec for bowel or small intestine infection. Cytotec causes uterine contractions that could lead to a miscarriage.
It was used for labor induction till A November 1999 Committee Opinion of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) warns:

"There have been reports of uterine rupture following Cytotec use for cervical ripening in patients with prior uterine surgery. Thus, until reassuring studies are available, Cytotecl is not recommended for cervical ripening in patients who have had prior cesarean delivery or major uterine surgery"

Thai news on the arrest: on Thairath, October 15, 2010 edition

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Young is too young to be a mother?

It was after I taped "Kontroversy" that I heard this sad news. The news about a 17-year-old girl from a prestigious school that tried to perform self-abortion with pills she bought off internet at her boyfriend apartment. The girl had been 8mon pregnant. Initial reports said she was bleeding and almost unconscious when the medic found her.

That was just to confirm what I think we have to really tackling it more seriously, Sex-education.

Thairath newspaper of October 12th, 2010 just publishes a small news article about "Stop Teen Mom" seminar hosted by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security
and the office of National Child Protection Commission. No, I am not talking about the seminar, but I am talking about the findings, the statistic the department of Social welfare provide that gathered by Information & Communication Technology Center.

Do you know That Thailand has the highest Teen Pregnancy(younger than 20 year-old) rate in Asia?

WHO(World Health Organization) published the statistic of Teen pregnancy average around the world in 2009 is 65 per 1000, while average in Asia countries in 2009 is 56 per 1000. Back in 2009, Thai number was at 70 per 1000 which was already higher than world average. And the actual number is 787,739 under 20 pregnancy mom that gave birth in the year 2009.

As of year 2010, the rate goes up to 90-100 per 1000, and it's still on the up trend. Is it time to take this issue seriously? Have we, as an adult in the country done enough to curb the number? Is his upward trend tell you anything about Thai education and social responsibility? Is it the time to start talking about Sex education in school seriously?

How Young is too Young for Sex Education?

Deputy director of the office of National Child protection Commission, Kwanwong Pikultong
(ขวัญวงศ์ พิกุลทอง) said it should start at the family, which is the most important part of child's life. And based on Study in western world, it should start as early as 2-5 year old. Now you might have initial reaction like me, WTF...yes... because that's all Thairath published, no further explanation. So I did a little research...internet these days.

I did a little research and here's what I got

From Avert, which is an international HIV and AIDS charity, based in the UK:
Sex education that works starts early, before young people reach puberty and before they have developed established patterns of behavior. However, in a review of 48 studies of comprehensive sex and STD/HIV education programmes in US schools, there was found to be strong evidence that such programmes did not increase sexual activity. Some of them reduced sexual activity, or increased rates of condom use or other contraceptives, or both. It is important to remember that young people can store up information provided at any time, for a time when they need it later on.

From The Guardian:
Brook and the Family Planning Association (FPA), the charities want to see four-year-olds start to get a grounding in the basics - like learning about the names of body parts and different types of relationships - so they feel more able to tackle the more complex aspects as they get older. But The US, where the programme comes from, has the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world - a third of babies born are to mothers aged 20 or less - and a frighteningly high proportion of teenagers (one in four) have sexually transmitted infections....Scary, huh?

From BBC report:
Northern Ireland has just this year made Relationships and Sexuality Education compulsory for school children from the age of five, the basics of human reproduction as part of their science lessons.
Freethorpe Primary School in Norfolk(UK) has been teaching Sex and Relationship Education since 2005. Year 2 students who are six and seven years old learn about the difference between male and females. They use laminated cards with the names of body parts including, shoulder, kidneys, vagina, penis, and arms, to learn which parts belong to both sexes or just males or females.

I don't know how young is too young to be a mother. I am not sure how early a child should be taught about sex-education. But I know one thing, THIS COUNTRY NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW.