Thursday, December 6, 2012

"More Smiles to Children of the South" by MCOT

Amidst Violence in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand, many schools have to closed down temporarily and permanently, which widely effect likelihood of children in the south especially when during the school term.

First established in 1981, The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center or SBPAC become a juristic entity, following the enforcement of the Southern Border Provinces Administration Act on 30 December 2010, which covers all districts in the five southern border provinces, namely Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Songkhla, and Satun.

Since January 2004, More than 5000 lives have loss to the violence in the past 8 years, 155 of which was teachers. The insurgency attacks believe to be operated by several groups identified as separatists. Thai governments have put in various measures to try to alleviate the problems while private sectors hand in helps where they can.

369 schools, in narathiwat province alone, have been closed down temporarily this month due to violence incidents against teachers in the south.

MCOT has cooperated with Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center, with supported from PTT, Thai Life Insurance, Toyota Motor Thailand, The Government Lottery Office, Thailand Post, and many more affiliated private co to establish "More Smiles to Children of the South" project, with aims to give back teaching media, sports equipments and living necessities to Children and monks in the Deep South.

If you are interested to make contribution to "More Smiles to Children of the South" project, you can donate through Krunthai bank account no. 015-029999-0, Asoke branch, account name “เติมยิ้มให้น้องชายแดนใต้”, until December 19th. MCOT and affilications will go down to Narathiwat on December 21st to hand out the aids.

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